Monday, June 29, 2015

The Truth about Affirmative Action

Those who argue in favor of affirmative action often use the following illustration to drive home the point.

There once was a nigger and a honkey.

"I be a nigger."

"I am a honkey."

The nigger and the honkey were equal in everything.
One day, they came upon a tower with lots of goodies on top.

"There be some good shit on top, bro."

"We gotta get some."

So, the honkey hatched a plan. He told the nigger to help him get to the top. And then, the honkey would pull the nigger up to the top as well to share the good stuff with.

"How about it, nigger? You push me up to the top, and I will pull you up."

"Can I trust yo' honkey ass? I mean I don't know."

"If you don't trust me, just jump up there like an NBA player and get the good stuff."

"Shoo, you be thinking all of us niggers be like Michael Jordan and shit.... Okay, I trust you. I will push your honkey ass to the top. Then, you drag my nigger ass up to your level."

"That's what I said, nigger. Now, let's not waste time. Give me a boost."

So, the nigger pushed the honkey to the top of the tower.

"Get your punkass honkey butt up there and pull me up."

"Push harder, nigger."

But once the honkey got on top, he didn't pull the nigger up but took all the goodies for himself.

"What a dumb nigger. It's all mine, junglebunny fool."

"Damn honkey!! You done trick me. I's gonna whup yo' ass one day when I get the chance.

Goodies monopolized by weasel honkey who acts like a kike.

But the preceding illustration is too simple and misleading.
It assumes that the white man and the black man started on the same plane. In truth, the honkey and the nigger were light years apart in achievement and development.

By the time the honkey encountered the nigger, the honkey had developed:

Complex math, navigation, literature, books, gunpowder, compass, weaving, metallurgy, philosophy, fish and chips, shakespearean drama, complex musical instruments, architecture, oil painting, and tons of other stuff. Think of glassware, silverware, swords, cakes and crumpets, modern wheel, muskets, horse drawn carriage, advanced laws, etc.

In contrast, the nigger only had the bongo drum and the spear. (Some had primitive bow and arrow.)

The nigger's achievement after 10,000 yrs in Africa was:


Bongo drum.

A nigger's life in Africa was rather simple. He hurled a spear at a hippo.

"My dinner!"

"Shit, a nigger again? I hates them niggers."

So, the hippo got agitated and chased after the nigger.

"Sheeeeiiit. Fat mofo be mad and chasing my ass."

"Wait til I get a chunk of your ass."


Anyway, by the time the white man met the black man, they were very different in accomplishment. he white man was the most advanced people on Earth and were about to make even greater progress. In contrast, the black man only knew the spear and the bongo drum.

So a better illustration of their relation is depicted below:

Africa at bottom, Europe at top, and New World yet to be developed by European genius with help of African labor.

At the top was the white man with his great civilization. At the bottom was the black man with his savagery. The white man needed labor to develop the New World. he had the know-how and technology. And Africa had the labor.

The honkey decided to go from Europe to the New World yet to be developed.

Europe with high civilization.
Honkey about to develop the New World with his know-how.
Nigger in Africa with spear and bongo drum.

So, the honkey bought the nigger from another nigger in Africa and pulled him to the New World to pick cotton and do other stuff to build up civilization.

"I got a nigger for sale."

"Okay, I'll buy the nigger."


"I ain't as rich as the white man but I got more than niggers in Africa."

"Dang, the nigger I sold off as a slave to the honkey is better off than me."

And THAT is the real story of black-white relations.